Udyam Registration in Coimbatore

The Indian Government introduces some criteria for classifying the enterprise as micro, small and medium. Also the government has announced the process of filing memorandum. We Smart Auditor have been chosen as the best consultant in the city. We have extended our remarkable services in various places like Telungupalayam, Vadavalli, Tata Bad, Nava India and Sulur. Udyam registration number is an unique 12 digit government identification number. After obtaining the udyam registration, many banks and other financial institutions are ready to provide some better plans. Also there are many availabilities of the excise exemption schemes. The state government gives the subsidies for the electricity, tax and entry to the business. Also the Central government has introduced Zero effect Zero defect, Credit guarantee scheme to benefit the MSME sector. Many credit facilities are also introduced by the Central government.

MSME registration in Coimbatore is important since many schemes and the subsidies are applicable for the industries. Obtaining the MSME registration adds value to the business and also getting the patent registration is very easy. Setting up a business is not an easy task always. But with Udyam registration it has become easier. The barcode registration has become easy to obtain soon after obtaining the Udyam registration. It makes the business eligible for the Industrial Promotion Subsidy. When it comes to the government tenders it becomes easy to get the exempt to an extent. The business gets a special consideration when it comes to the international trade fairs. Udyog Aadhaar registration in Coimbatore is important since the company or the business can enjoy the benefit of the reimbursement of ISO certification. There are some reservation policies that are helpful for the manufacturing and the production sector. Also the business gets exemption from the Direct tax laws.

Documents required for Udyam registration
  • Aadhar card number
  • In case of the company and LLP- GSTIN and PAN is needed
  • Name of the owner
  • Category
  • Business name
  • Type of the organization
  • Address
  • Date of the commencement
  • Bank details
  • National Industrial Classification code
Benefits of the Udyam registration
  • Subsidy in credit rating fee
  • Ease in getting the license and approvals
  • Collateral free loans
  • Protection against the delayed payments
  • The business gets eligible for CLCSS (Credit Linked Capital Subsidy Scheme)