Copyright Registration in Coimbatore

Copyright registration is a legal right mainly entitled to creators of literary, dramatics, music, artistic work and producers of films and recordings. The artistic coimbatore city is developing day by day and parallely, the copyright registration services is also extended in places like peelamedu, hopes, nava india, sitra, neelambur, avinashi and gandhipuram. These are the exclusive rights for preservation of their unique ideas. Smartauditor helps to register your Copyright within limited days. Copyright registration in Coimbatore gives the proprietor an exclusive right to reproduce, replicate, and distribute the work. Later, the owner can transfer his rights to some other entity or some other persons for the same purpose. There are lots of benefits under Copyright registration in Coimbatore. It gives certain power and it makes the person to communicate in the public, reproduce rights, adapt & translate the works.

At Smartauditor Consultants, the copyright registration professionals and lawyers offer the best advice and registration process from filing the application, collecting the details, till the work gets registered. The Copyright Registration service in Coimbatore is filed through the online and there is no need for the person to step out and follow up with the government authorities.

Documents required for Copyright Registration in Coimbatore

Personal Details
  • Applicant’s Name, Address & Nationality
  • Name, address and nationality of the author of the work
  • Nature of the applicant’s interest in the copyright - whether the applicant is the author of the work or the representative of the author
  • Original work copies
  • ID proof of the owner
  • Incorporation certificate of the company if it is for business
Nature Of The Work
  • Class & Description of the Work
  • Title of the Work
  • Language of the Work
  • Date of Publication - Publication in internal magazines, like a company magazine or a research paper submitted to a professor does not count as publication.
Scope of copyright protection

Scope of Copyright protection is really high. Under the Copyright Act, 1957, one person can protect unauthorized use of any original literary, musical, dramatic, sound recordings, cinematograph and other artistic works. In copyright registration, both published and unpublished works can be copyrighted. Here the original work and its rights will get reserved for the original creator. Scope of copyright protection lasts for the entire lifetime of the author. In certain cases, it also exists for another 60 years counted from the year following the death of the author.