DSC Registration in Coimbatore

Digital Signature Certificate is in the form of coded message. We Smart Auditor have been nominated as the best consultant in the city which takes care of the DSC registration finely. Our reputed firm has extended its services in various places like Mettupalayam, Kurumbapalayam, Redfields, Vilankurichi and Hopes. DSC behaves like an electronic fingerprint and it uses a standard format called Public Key Infrastructure PKI. It provides the highest level of security and it is accepted universally. The digital signature certificates are used by the patrons to confirm the identity of the third party. The digital signatures can be differentiated from the scanned copies of the physical handwritten signature as they can be verified and have the legal backing for the authentication. In short, a digital signature is a secured digital key which certifies the identity of the holder and it is being issued by the Certifying Authority.

Digital Signature Certificate registration in Coimbatore is an inevitable process since most of the auditor’s, HOD’s and Bank officials use it for personal and business reasons. The DSC ensures the validity of the digital signatures. In India, the digital signature certificate is helpful since digitally signed documents are valid in various government agencies. They are admissible in the court of law too. The use of digital signatures reduces the time. Numerous study around the world shows that DSC can save whole working week for any of the working professionals. The working includes an algorithm which helps to generate the keys which are mathematically linked to one being private and another being public. Digital Signature Certificate registration in Coimbatore is necessary since it is useful for Charted Accountants, company secretaries and many small medium businesses. The Digital signature certificate comes with the validity of 2 years and can be renewed. The DSC relies upon certain types of the encryption which are used to authenticate.

Documents required for DSC registration
Documents required for the Indian National
  • Identity proofs like Passport
  • PAN card of the applicant
  • Bank account passbook / Photo / Driving license
  • Address proof like Aadhar card, Electricity bill, water bill, Service tax
Documents required for the foreign nationals
  • Attested copy of the applicant’s passport
  • Attested copy of the VISA
  • Address proof like attested copy of the applicant passport
  • Attested copy of the government issued address proof
Benefits of the DSC registration
  • It adds more security
  • It is accepted globally
  • It is also useful in legal compliance
  • It has independent verification
  • It has high standard.