Partnership Firm Registration in Coimbatore

Partnership firm is a combination of two or more persons coordinated to run a business to earn profit in their firm. The Partnership firms are governed by the Indian Partnership Act, 1932. The partnership firm registration presents different benefits to the firm and it is desirable. Get Your Partnership firm Registration in Coimbatore with Smart auditor. In partnership Firm registration, the partners are required to continue with legal bindings and sharing their profits according to law. Smart auditor’s professional experts prepare partnership deeds according to the requirement of the customer and register the Partnership Firm with the Registrar of Firms on behalf of the customer.

Partnership Firm registration is one of the most popular forms of business organizations in India. The reason why it is a popular organization, because they are relatively easy to set-up and the no. of statutory compliance required to incorporate this organization is relatively less than the statutory compliance applicable to LLPs and Companies.

Characteristics of Partnership Registration
  • Formation on the basis of Agreement
  • The Existent of Business Activity
  • Profit and loss sharing in between the partners
  • Liability of the partners are unlimited
  • Combined management

Documents Required for Partnership Firm Registration
  • Partnership Deed
    The partnership deed is made on the Legal stamp paper of Rs.2000/-. It contains the liabilities of the company and partners. These deeds are composed to stay away from any future clash.

  • Documents of Partners
    The documents include PAN card and Address proof of partners.

  • Premise’s Address Proof
    The address proof of the premises includes rent agreement and any utility bill. Additionally NOC from the proprietor is also submitted. If the enrolled office is possessed, the service charges is also obtain by specifying the name of the owner

  • Additional documents required
    The Additional documents include organization deed, ID and address proof of the firm. The confirmation is also submitted regarding the point of interest which is specified.