Trademark Registration

Registration of Trademarks is now a simple task in Salem, Trichy and Erode by the help of Smart Auditor. Trademarks are the graphical representation of a word, numeral, device or labels to identify the characteristics of the products and services. Peoples are using wide variety of goods and services. What our aim is stay as unique through our logo. The trademark is an intangible asset of the business. It is the intellectual property of a business. The company’s main identity is to protect the goods and services via logo registration. The unique logo is totally different from existing ones and no one was used it before. It is based on our creativity and artistic work.

If the newly created trademark is identical with the existing one then it will not registered as legally. We can’t able to use the trademark if it is not registered. It will consider as legal offence. In India there are lots of authorities to register the trademark. It includes Controller general of Patents designs and Trademarks, Ministry of commerce and Industry, Government of India. The logo and trademarks are registered under the Trademarks Act, 1999. Through registration we will or the owner gets the advantages of sue for damage when infringement of trademarks occurs. We can use the registered symbol ‘R’ after we successfully register the mark.

Get your Trademark Registration

It is valid for 10 years. After completing the validity we can again renew the registration by applying with appropriate fees. Smart Auditor is the best IPR service providers in Erode, Salem and Trichy. We offer all types of issues related to the trademark like trademark search, filing, objection reply, renewal and opposition of mark, patent registration etc. we have multiple of trademark attorneys who possess the registration section in a simple and easy manner within a short period. The mode of expression can be a logo, slogan, sound, words, colour combination etc. if you generate some extra unique logo and any idea, all you need is register your patent and protect your ideas. The registered mark may act as the cover for your company investment and other important parts.

What are the Important Requirements to file the Trademark
  • Before filing the trademark application all we need is get the name, address and nationality of the applicant. If it is a partnership firm then all the details of the partners.
  • If it is a company then the incorporation state or country is mandatory.
  • Name list of goods and services which we wanted to register.
  • The trademark’s soft copy
  • If the mark is in any other languages then translation of those words into English is mandatory.
  • If the proposed application is regarding the claim priority against the existing application then the details of that existing one is needed.
  • If the trademark is already used then the date of first use of the mark is mandatory.
  • The power of attorney signed by the applicant.

What are the Benefits of Trademark Registration


Sole proprietorship means you are your own boss. You have the full rights to decide what to do and how to operate. The owner does not need to take any orders or need not to report anyone. There is no intrusion from any third party. There are no compliance and disclosure requirements when compared with whole financial year. Government intrusions are very less compared to other business forms.

Market Value

The registered logo has higher market value than unregistered products. If the product is registered people automatically finds your products and services by using the logo. They will place the trust on your products.


The trademark gives protection against the infringement. The registered trademark has the right to charge against infringement, if anyone tries to use your logo without your knowledge. Thus you will get better opportunity to start new modes of business among the competitors.

Exclusive rights

The trademark gives some exclusive rights via your registration. You will get the sole proprietorship right on your mark. But according to companies Act, 2013 once you registered the company with one name, you cannot able to register the mark with the same name.

Global marketing

Through trademark registration you will get the chances to explore your products and services in the Global market via International Trademark System. Foreigners and NRIs can register their company and loo in India. By getting the global permit you will get more chances to explore your business globally.

Use of R symbol

Once you registered your logo or trademark you will get the symbol R for the reference of registration. Using this symbol people can easily identify the popularity and quality. And also people can’t use your symbol and if they used it will be punishable according to the legal laws.