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Smartauditor, the best company registration in Trichy, Erode & Salem.The new business or the new Company Incorporation is really an important practice for the life time security. We Smart Auditor helps to get the legal registration within limited time span. We teach you all about the company formation in Trichy and its consequences in an understandable manner. The term company is often used in natural parlance without any technical meaning like in association with partnership or other syndicates. It is derived (‘company’) from the Latin word. The company registration in Erode can be done under the section 2(20) of the Companies, Act 2013. These company laws give statutory explanations of the definition of the company without any confliction with the detailed explanations. The word company actually specified both in the section 2(20) of the companies Act, 2013 and section 3 of the statutory. The combination of two words in company states ‘com’ and ‘panis’. The ‘com’ means togetherness and ‘panis’ means ‘bread’. The idea of the term ‘company’ was built when shop keepers used to have their lunch together. Get Register your Company in Trchy.

Company Registration in Salem

They discovered the formation of an association for the promotion of a common objective. Thus for a common purpose a group of peoples were grouped together. The company has certain legal existence. These legal existences also have certain validity and those depend on the nature of the country where it is registered. Company can be formed by section 2(20) of the companies act or any other previous act. The previous act states section 2(67) of the 2013 Act which also includes 1956 Act. The section named section 2(68) and 2(71) of the 2013 Act also describes the definition of private company and Public Company.

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Private Limited Company

Registration of your Pvt Company under the best consulting team gives the best authorization. We Smart Auditor help your registration without any hurdles and make the process simpler than anything.

Public Limited Company

Legal destination of LLC and it offers shares to the public and having limited responsibilities. It allows the corporation to raise the capital funds from the municipal investors.

One Person Company

The new entity allows Single entrepreneur to operate a corporate entity with limited legal protections. It enables high chances to fetch banks, loans, legal requirements, accessing the trade &market etc.

Limited Liability Partnership

LLP is a legal entity, body corporate separate from its partners and also has perpetual succession. The LLP agreement gives the benefits of Limited liability along with flexibility of the partnership.

Sole Proprietorship

It is not a legal entity. It is a simplest form of business under a single person. These entities are having minimal regulatory compliance for operation and implementations.

Partnership Firm

Partnership is an agreement between more people to manage their business and shares. Nowadays the relevancy of such structure gets lost because of the evolution of Limited liability partnership