Private Limited Company Registration

Private limited company is the most widespread corporate legal entity in Erode, Salem and Trichy. We Smart Auditor help your registration without any hurdles and make the process simpler than anything. Ministry of corporate affairs, Companies Act, 2013 and the incorporation rule 2014 are deeply governing the incorporation process of Pvt ltd Company and makes the process as soon as smoother. For registration there must be two shareholders and two directors are obligatory. The normal person can be both director and the shareholder. Corporate legal entity can only be a shareholder.

The private limited company has certain unique features like limited liability protection to shareholders, ability to raise equity funds, separate legal entity status and perpetual existence. These features make higher priority to become as the Pvt Ltd company for most of the medium and small sized business groups. Smart auditor is the market leader for all types of company registration services in erodes, Trichy and Madurai.

Private Limited Company Registration in Erode

We also provide one Person Company, Nidhi Company, section 8 companies, Producer company etc. the time taken for company filing is up to 12 days. Get the best incorporation experience without any hurdles with smart auditor with 1 click. Be alert and updated. There are lots of illegal consultants to trap you. Before going for a registration check and assure that they are legally certified.

Private Limited Company Registration in Salem

Documents required for the Pvt Ltd Company registration

  • Each director and shareholders PAN Card copy
  • Two photo copy of each director and shareholders
  • Identity certificate or proof of each Director and shareholder (Adhaar card, Voter ID, Driving License)
  • Director or shareholder or both people’s Resident proof (Any of the utility Bill)
  • Registered company’s address proof. It may be rental agreement, utility bill or address of the landlord.
  • NOC (No objection certificate from the owner of the land)

Why we choose Private Limited Company Registration

1) Unique legal entity

The company normally has lots of legal liabilities and it stays as a separate legal entity. The juristic person establishes the company under certain norms and regulations in accordance with companies Act. The main advantages of a company are that the members of the company do not have personal relationship with the debts and accounts of the company.

2) Continuous Existence of the Entity

The company stays long and it holds perpetual succession until it is legally dissolved. The company always stays as a separate legal person and the death or departure does not affect the existence of the company. The change of ownership also does not have any impact on the existence of the business entity.

3) Easy Transferability

The business ownership can be easily transferred via relocating the shares. If you wanted to share the ownership of the company you can shift the shares and share certificates. In some cases the agreement of the shareholder is needed to transfer the shares.

4) Retaining the Property

The company acts as an artificial person and it enjoys the properties in its own name. The properties of the business or the entity are machinery, building, land, residential property, factory, etc. No shareholder can raise the argument upon the property of the company.

5) Limited Responsibilities / Liabilities

The limited responsibility is the status of being legally liable to the debts of the company. The liabilities of each partner or shareholder are limited to the extent of their investment to the company.