Spice Board Registration in Bangalore

Spice board registration in Bangalore is essential since it exports and regulates the promotion agency for Indian spices. Smartauditor consultants acts instantly for spice registration service and serves in Madikere, Chikmagaluru, Kodagu, Chikapete and Shivamogga . It has been established with the aim of promoting the development of cardamom and other 52 spices in the schedule of the Act. Spice board provides various information on the spices that are grown within India and that are exported outside India. It has testing laboratories that takes over many quality checks.

Registration of spices in Bangalore is essential since it is helpful for the promotion of the spices and it also takes part in provision of quality evaluation services. The technology is upgraded by the spice board and also the brand is promoted. The spice board takes part in research and product development and the post-harvest improvement of the spices is yet another function of the Spice board. Also the organic production of spices plays a major role and it is done by the spice board. It takes part in the development of spices in north-east and it has started an online campaign called spice train. It educates the Indians about the rich spice heritage. There are other responsibilities like quality certification, spices control and the registration of the exporters. Then the trade information is collected and then documented.

What are the documents required for Spice board registration
  • Application Form -1
  • Self-attested copy of IE code certificate
  • Self- certified copy of the GST certificate
  • Passport size photo
  • Self-certified copy of the Partnership deed
  • Self-certified certificate issued by the directorate of the industries.
  • Self-certified copy of the PAN card
  • Bank certificate
Steps involved in spice board registration
  • Step 1
    In the registration website read the information in pre-requisite link
  • Step 2
    The fees may be submitted in CRES (Certificate for Registration as Exporter of Spices)
  • Step 3
    Submit the application freshly
  • Step 4
    Take a system generated print out of the application
  • Step 5
    Sign in it and then Seal on it.
  • Step 6
    Forward the physical copy of the application along with the document.