Patent Registration in Bangalore

We Smart Auditor have been nominated as the best patent attorneys in bangalore by the people. Our firm has now extended its services in various places like JP Nagar, Marathahalli, Chikballapur, Kanakapura and Silk board. Patent Registration in Bangalore is done so that the rights will be granted to the individual or to the enterprise by the government. Such provision of the rights excludes the others from selling, importing or using patented product without prior approval. Patent registration is considered as an intellectual property rights that are needed for any of the business entity or the individual.

Any individual or the firm who wishes to protect the idea or the invention can apply for the patent registration. The invention can be any new product or a new process. Patent registration in Bangalore is done with encouragement for the inventions or the innovations. The applicant can become an exclusive owner only when the applicant receives the patent. Obtaining the patent is important since it restricts the competitors from copying or selling without their permission. The patented product improves the brand perception and it also allows the business to charge a premium.The industrial applicability is an important feature and at last, the invention should be commercially beneficial. There are three main types of patent applications.

They are ordinary application, convention application and PCT application. The ordinary application is the most common application and in this type of application, the invention is disclosed and can be filed either as provisional or complete specification. Conventional application has the Paris convention on the patent which recognizes the value or prior art. The PCT application is Patent co-operation Treaty that is provided for a mechanism; whereas the international application for the patent can be filed from India for 152 contracting countries. This patent registration can be successfully done through Smartauditor’s patent registration services in Bangalore.

Documents required for Patent Registration
  • Patent application Form No 1
  • Provisional specification if complete specification is not available
  • Complete specification in Form no 2.
  • Power of attorney
  • Power of attorney if filed through patent agent.
  • Form No 2

Benefits of Patent Registration

There are many benefits of patent registration in Bangalore. They are

  • Patent registration restricts the infringers
  • It improves the recognition and the credibility
  • It gives the exclusive legal rights
  • Good market status is safeguarded
  • Gives economic benefits.