Barcode Registration in Bangalore

Bangalore- the Silicon Valley of India is one of the most densely populated city. The huge population creates the demand for crores of product consuption. Barcode- the great time saver identifies the information of the product and it contains the information in the form of parallel lines. Those lines vary in width and the spacing between them. Smartauditor fulfills the need of barcode registration in bangalore and highly focuses on customer satisfaction . Our reputed firm has now extended its wings in various places like Sarjapur, Bannerghatta, Marathahalli, Hebbal and Banashankari. Barcode functions as unique global identification of the product and they are machine readable which quickly and accurately identifies the details of the product just by scanning. Of course it is used in retail supply chain management. With an advent of the industrialization, the products and the varieties increases day by day.

Barcode registration in Bangalore is necessary since barcode is a designed system which is used to encode the information and the information contains serial number, batch number and the product number. It can be scanned electronically and the automatic identification and tracking of the product is possible with barcodes. The movement of the products is identified in the supply chain. It records all the data in an uniform and structured manner. The barcode comes in a composite package of 100 or by its multiple. Thus one should decide the number of the barcodes which are needed by the business. The barcodes reduces the human errors and the tracking of the information is speedy and unfailing. Barcode registration in Bangalore is required since it reduces the time in the training of the workforce. As everyone knows that the barcodes reduces the paperwork; parallely it is eco-friendly too. The stocks are traced accurately just by the click and the access is easy and simple. Such barcode should be registered as per rules.

Documents required for Barcode registration
  • Request letter for the barcode allotment
  • PAN card of the applicant
  • Copy of the audited balance sheet
  • GST registration certificate
  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Memorandum of Article
  • Copy of Cancelled cheque

Steps for Barcode Registration
  • The application should be filled
  • The supporting documents should be uploaded
  • Selecting of type of barcode
  • Choosing the number of barcode
  • Confirming all the details
  • Appropriate fees should be submitted
  • Tracking the process status.