EEPC Registration in Bangalore

EEPC registration service in Bangalore is a nodal body under the Ministry of Commerce & Industry. It also raises the concern about the sharp rise in steel prices. The Engineering Export Promotion Council had its establishment in the year 1955. The person should be an associate to become the member of the council in EEPC. For the persons who are dealing in products that are categorized as non- engineering items can apply to be an affiliate member. Hence EEPC acts as prominent union between the engineering industry and the Indian Government and it publishes several studies and reports on the international trends and the opportunities.

EEPC registration in Bangalore is the best choice for many clients since the registration is helpful in various aspects say promotional activities like BSM, etc. The EEPC aims at implementation of New Foreign Trade Policy and it promotes many shows abroad. It contributes many policies of the government and the body acts as an interface between government and the engineering industry. Many Indian pavilions integrate the business and many information booths are advertised overseas. It has larger membership basis more than 12,000 and it has also started a monthly magazine. It covers various trends, international trends, about the Indian economy, etc. It has been established that it is the only sourcing event and the business is integrated to the global value chain. EEPC registration in Bangalore is important as EEPC sponsors the Indian Engineering Exhibition (INDEE) and it showcases many techniques and provides a meeting place for the buyers and the sellers.

Documents required for EEPC registration
  • Application form duly signed with rubber stamp
  • IEC certificate
  • PAN
  • A valid RCMC copy
  • SSI
  • NOC of Indirect Export
  • Declaration of the denied entity list
  • HS code
  • FOB
Steps involved in EEPC registration
  • Step 1
    Get into EEPC registration page in the official website.
  • Step 2
    Upload the supporting documents
  • Step 3
    Pay the required fees. The fees may turn according the turnover of the business entity.
  • Step 4
    EEPC registration certificate is obtained.