AEPC Registration in Bangalore

AEPC registration in Bangalore helps in promotion and export of the apparels and it has been founded in the year 1978. We Smartauditor have been serving the people with great involvement and with the best workflow and now our prestigious firm has extended our service wings in Whitefields, Domlur, Maruthi seva nagar, Jp nagar and M.G road. We have group of experts who assist in the registration process.

AEPC promotes and supports the Indian exporters who facilitate the growth of the business. AEPC helps the overseas business and it acts as a facilitator in the industry. There is an improvement of the global stature in a sustainable manner that is helpful in generating the employment opportunities. The productivity and the brand value is increased.

AEPC registration in Bangalore is important since it gives many benefits for the registered members. For all types of the ready-made garments, AEPC is helpful for the promotion and the propagation of it. If the importing countries are providing the tariffs and the restrictions, then AEPC takes a look over it. The role of the AEPC is to popularize the Indian garments. Many awareness and marketing are carried out in general public and in foreign countries to create a positive image to the public about Indian garments. It helps the members to understand about the rules, regulations, quality of the fabric and improved designs. They also improve the techniques and the technologies for the workers who involved in the process and scales up the production. Registration of AEPC in Bangalore is important since only the registered members are eligible to take part in year-round-seminars and workshops. Also they can acquire the information about the global apparel industry.

Documents required for AEPC registration
  • Self-certified copy of IEC
  • Undertaking the duly notarized non-judicial stamp paper
  • Self-attested copy of Memorandum of Association/Article of association
  • In the case of the exporter, they should submit self-attested copy of the SSI
  • Letter of intent/industrial license issued by the concerned Authority and must be duly signed
Steps to register AEPC in Bangalore
  • First and foremost thing is to decide the name
  • The name should be reserved
  • RCMC application form is to be submitted
  • Documents should be uploaded
  • Required fees to be submitted
  • Finally, application submission is done.
Benefits Of AEPC
  • Productivity enhancement.
  • Skill incorporation to assist the manufacturer.
  • Access to various industry statistics and information about the global apparel industry