OPC Registration in Bangalore

OPC registration in Bangalore is of the the best done service with a group of Smartauditor experts. We are pioneer in providing the registration services at its best affordable level and our concern has now extended its wings in Whitefields, Chikbellapur, Electronic city, Sarjapur and Bellandur. In One Person Company, any person can enjoy the single management and the law favours it. There is no need to conduct annual general meetings and other regular compliance. It is the easiest forms of corporate entities to be managed. OPC is termed as a hybrid of sole proprietorship and corporate form of business and it is provided with various concessions in terms of compliance requirements. Also the OPC opens up new business opportunities for the entrepreneurs.

Now in this age, a person does not need to look for someone to join hands with him or her to begin a business. The OPC formation is very easy to raise the funds through venture capitalist and financial institutions. Also the OPC can graduate itself to the private limited company and there are better opportunities with limited liability. It gives many chances to take risk without losing personal assets. Hence it is termed as encouraging option for the young ones and the requirements are very few which results in less compliance. So the person has ample of time to concentrate on the functional areas of the company. OPC registration in Bangalore is very useful since it can be registered under very low cost and it can avail all the benefits that are provided to small scale industries like loans at minimal interest, etc. The OPC is considered as one man army and it is a trustful legal entity.

Documents required for OPC registration
  • DIN and DSC of the directors
  • E-PAN and TAN
  • MOA
  • AOA
  • Address proof
  • Aadhar card

Benefits of OPC registration

The OPC registration in Bangalore has many benefits. They are

  • There is no minimum paid up capital
  • There are no disputes
  • There is possibility of increased transparency
  • It is a separate legal entity
  • There are lesser compliances.
  • It is a separate legal entity
  • Lesser compliance burden
  • It encourages the entrepreneurship