Society Registration in Bangalore

Society registration in Bangalore is done according to the Society registration Act and it is done for the purpose of promoting the fine arts, creation of military orphan funds, collection of natural history, maintenance of public museum and galleries. Smartauditor is a pioneer in registering n number of societies. Our reputed firm is now extending its wings in various places of Bangalore like Sadhashivanagar, Malleswaram, Silkboard, Yeshwanthpur and Shivaji Nagar.

The society registration is now governed by the state government. Minimum seven people are required for forming the society and the people or society or companies that are registered outside India should subscribe Memorandum of Society in India. The society gets protection legally only when it gets registered in India and it is then eligible to have all the merits that are offered by the government. Society registration in India is done finely by the experts who work for the satisfaction of the clients. When the society gets the legal status, then it can avail account in reputed banks. It can also get approval from the income tax act and a society can enjoy the status of separate legal entity.

Only the registered society can get legal recognition in the eyes of government authorities and the forum. It can also be termed as Non- government organization or non- profit organization. According to the geographical area of operation, it functions state wise and when it becomes national level society, it functions pan India. The legal title of the property is held in the name of the society itself. The Society registration in Bangalore is done under the income Tax Act 1961 and the procedure involving in the registration of cooperative society is simple and easy. No legal formations are required.

Documents Required for Society registration
  • Identity proofs like Passport, Voter ID, and Driving license
  • Copy of the utility bills
  • Copy of the property registration
  • Trust deed
  • NOC from the landlordif the land is on rent
Benefits of society registration

There are many benefits for the society registration in Bangalore. They are

  • There is no obstruction for the membership
  • It has been established for the motive of service
  • It is easy to form
  • Being a member for a society depends upon the will of the person; not compelled
  • It has been established for Science, literature and the fine arts.
  • Tax Exemptions for incorporating Society
  • Possibilities in the complete renewal of members and objects can be modified easily
  • Society gets a legal status, when it is registered.