Design Registration in Bangalore

Design registration in Bangalore can be done through Smart Auditor consultants and it is regulated by the designs Act 2000 and by the Designs rules 2001. Our reputed firm has now extended its wings in Shanthi nagar, M.G Road, Shivaji nagar, Banaswadi and Hosur. A design can be described as the features of pattern, shape, compositions, and configuration of ornament lines that are applied to any article which is in two or three dimension. Design registration must have originality and it should be appreciated by the eyes.

It should contain some differences among the other existing designs. The design registration exists for a period of ten years from the date of registration and also it can be extended further for 5 years. Design registration in Bangalore is done when the filing is done professionally. Hence it is properly protected when a professional helps in improving the chances of successful design registration. The status of the application process should be periodically checked and the registered designs are published and maintained by the patent office to put the competitors on notice about the design registration.

This avoids the counterfeiting. Many of the articles that are purchased are not only by their practical efficiency but also by their appearance. Many well established companies build their reputation by having unique design. Design registration in Bangalore can be done at an affordable cost, with low procedural burden and takes short period of time. In India, there is steady rise in the number of design registration which helps in the rise in Indian economy. When the design is very much attractive then the commercial value increases and the exclusivity is assured when it is registered.

Documents required for design registration
  • Identity proofs of the applicant like voter ID, Aadhar card
  • Address proofs of the applicant like utility bills
  • Name and classification of the article
  • Representation of the design say- designs drawn on the A4 sheet
  • Details of the priority should be submitted when the applicant is claiming the priority of the design
  • Assignment details if applicable.
  • A design can be licensed
  • Design registration procedure is short and the cost is less

Benefits of Design Registration

There are many benefits of design registration in Bangalore. They are

  • It gives exclusive rights to the owner
  • The creator receives the authority when the design is registered
  • The owner can seek for any legal help when the registered design is misused
  • It builds strong goodwill
  • The uniqueness has own approach in the market.