Coir Board Registration in Bangalore

Coir board registration in Bangalore is essential to register the coir and its bi-products. Only the registered members can take part in exporting the concerned item. We Smartauditor- a group of consultants stands as the frontier in the registration services and our reputed firm has now extended its wings in various places of Bangalore namely Hebbal, Shivamogga, Chikmagaluru, Kengeri and Belagavi. The export is granted for coir, yarn, coir rope and coir products.

The coir employs more than seven lakh people and hence the coir board has also the responsibility in encouraging the people to get a job in coir industry. The coir industry is mostly set up in rural development areas. Coir board registration in Bangalore is essential as it supports the International year of natural fibers and the husk is extracted from the coconut which is the natural cover for the coconut. The golden fiber is spun. The husk separated from the nuts is then retted. Coir fibers are extracted and the husk is left behind as it serves as a fertilizer due to high potash content.

The standards are fixed and they are arranged according to the grades. The coir board also takes charge of inspections and it gets adopt to various modern technologies. It helps in the production and the processing of the coir products. To generate the employment and to enhance the socio-economic conditions, coir board is highly helpful. To give sufficient training to the rural youth, the states are with an eye on attracting them to fold their coir sector and it provides the forward and backward linkage to the unit holders under the scheme. Hence Coir board registration in Bangalore is essential for the internal state economy.

Documents required for Coir board registration
  • Application that has been annexed in form Annexure ii
  • Photo Copy of the export order from the overseas buyer
  • Certificate of financial status of the nationalized bank
  • Photo Copy of the PAN card
  • Code of Conduct for Exporters (Annexure III)

Steps involved in Coir board registration
  • Step 1
    Visit the official website
  • Step 2
    Fill the form
  • Step 3
    Upload the supporting documents
  • Step 4
    Pay the appropriate fees
  • Step 5
    Finally the registration certificate is generated.