Patent Registration in Chennai

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Online Patent registration in Chennai is an intellectual property that gives a legal right on selling, using or copying the own creation for a limited period of years in exchange of publishing and enabling public disclosure. It is registered under the act of 1970. By registering the patent the inventor can obtain the rights for twenty years. In few cases, the applicant may extend their validity. Once the registration is done, others are prohibited to use the invention without the registrant’s knowledge.

Documents required for Patent Registration
  • Form 1 will be the registration applicant of the patent
  • The valid proof of state- Patent Registration
  • Provisional Specifications
  • In case of Provisional specification, in form-2 the applicant has to submit the complete specification within 12 months
  • In form-3, the undertakings and the statement comes under the section 8 (if applicable).
  • Form-26 - the power of authority
  • If a biological material needs patent, then the applicant should submit a permission letter from the National Biodiversity Authority.
  • In case of biological material related to the invention, the geographical location should be mentioned in the source.
  • In patent applications, the signature of the applicant/ authorized person/Patent attorney is mandatory.
  • The end page of the complete/ provisional specification must be signed by the applicant/ agent.
  • In drawing sheet, it includes the sign at the right bottom corner of the sheet.

Benefits of Patent registration
  • It provides exclusive rights from patent registration, to copying, manufacturing or importing invention with permission.
  • Early registration provides exclusive access to all rights.
  • It allows public disclosure.
  • The person gets solid protection for a pre-determined period and then they can utilize their invention themselves.
  • There are many opportunities to get a good market reputation.
  • They can licence their patent for others to use it. It is an additional way of income for the business.