Top 5 reasons why patent registration is important?

Do you know why Patent is important? If No, Read this blog, Here we are discussing the Top 5 reasons of its importance.

Patent word starts from the Latin word Patere which signifies “to expose” or “to make accessible in open area or for public assessment”. A patent is a select or negative right given by a sovereign state to the designers for their innovations to bar others from making, utilizing, offering available to be purchased, selling or bringing in the item or process(s) for the restricted timeframe. Patent gives an impermanent restraining infrastructure to the item or cycle to the creator for the restricted timeframe in the trading of total honesty of the innovation with enablement, the best mode and ability necessities.

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Patent security is a regional right, implies if a creator is taking assurance in a specific nation, he/she can’t expand his/her privileges to different locales. On the off chance that innovators need to expand his/her security in different locales then creators must document a patent application for patent registration in every nation where they need to ensure their developments.. Each nation has their own laws or rules with respect to the patent enrollment however the fundamental prerequisites are practically same. 

In India patent is represented under: 

  • The Patents Act, 1970 
  • The Patents Rule, 2003 

The term which is conceded under the licenses, Act 1970 is for a long time from the date of recording of a patent application for patent registration in a patent office according to the way endorsed under the Act or Rule, yet the patent rights are enforceable from the date of award of a patent.

Top 5 Different types of patent applications for patent registration


A common application is a kind of patent application recorded at the Patent Office in which there is no need is asserted or an application that is made with no reference to some other application under cycle in the workplace is called a normal application. It can likewise be expressed that in a conventional application the documenting date and the need date are same. A normal application will be gone with a total detail and claims. The timetable for the movement of a common application is determined from date of documenting of the normal application at Indian patent office. 


A patent application that is first documented in a show nation and afterward inside the a year from date of need of the application so made in the show nation is recorded in India is known as show patent application. Essentially a show application is the patent application which has just been documented in a nation other than India, and now the application for a similar creation is being made in India. So as to get show application status, the candidate is needed to record the application in the Indian Patent Office inside a year from the date of first documenting of a comparable application in the show nation alongside complete particulars. A patent filing can be made either straightforwardly at the Indian Patent Office or it can either be made by public stage PCT application or it can either be documented as an ordinary application.

In the wake of documenting the temporary patent application, the creator makes sure about the patent filing date which is significant in patent world. The creator gets a year of future time up with the total particular and up on expiry of a year the patent application will be relinquished. At the point when the creator finishes the necessary reports and his exploration work is at level where he can have model and test results to demonstrate his innovative advance then he can document total particular with the patent application. 

There is a discretionary advance that is filing the temporary particular, if the creator is at the stage where he can have total data about his development, at that point he/she can straightforwardly go for complete determination.


Top 5 reasons why patent registration is important | Smartauditor

A PCT Application is a kind of patent application that is basically administered by the Patent Cooperation Treaty, and can be recorded up to 142 nations. The PCT Application permits you to guarantee your need in numerous nations and it additionally gives a time span of 30 and 31 months from the worldwide documenting date or need date to go into every one of the nation and guarantee insurance in each nation where the candidate is burning of ensuring its innovation. A PCT Application will be recorded inside 30 months from the worldwide documenting date or need date whichever is prior in India. A PCT application can be documented with complete particulars as it were. 

PCT NATIONAL PHASE APPLICATION When a worldwide application is made by PCT assigning India, a candidate can record the public stage application in India inside 31 months from the global documenting date or the need date (whichever is prior). In the event that the candidate has recorded a conventional application in India first and now wish to document PCT application he/she should record the PCT inside a year from the date of recording of the Ordinary Application in India. 


At the point when you have record for a patent registration application and now you went over another improvement of adjustment for a similar development, you can proceed for patent of expansion if the innovation doesn’t include a significant creative advance. The patent of expansion can be recorded whenever in the wake of documenting the principle patent or alongside the primary patent and it might be conceded after the award of fundamental patent. The significant preferred position of petitioning for patent of expansion is that you are not needed to pay separate restoration charge for the patent of expansion during the term. 


A patent is conceded distinctly for single patent in this manner, in the event that a patent application guarantees more than one innovation the candidate is needed to guarantee or document for a different patent application that is known as divisional patent application. As the divisional patent application emerges from the parent application subsequently it has a similar need date as that of parent patent application for patent registration.

Top 5 reasons why patent registration is important?

Top 5 reasons why patent registration is important | Smartauditor

It gives the exclusive rights

A patent gives the option to prevent others from replicating, assembling, selling or bringing in his/her development without authorization and thus forestalls burglary of the creation.

Licensing the rights

Business person, can likewise permit his/her patent for others to utilize it, or sell it, similarly as with any advantage, which thusly can give a significant wellspring of income for his business.

Market Position

Since exclusive right is obtained, the inventor can anchor his position in the market so strongly and pre venting others from misusing the rights.

Returns on the investments

Having contributed a lot of time and cash in building up the innovation, under the umbrella of selective rights, the creator could acquire the development to the business market and along these lines get better yields on the venture. 

Positive image for the company

Obviously, this relies upon the monetary utility of the patent. Thus, the creator must guarantee the business feasibility of the patent before contributing on patent.

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