Private Limited Company

Top Facts that you should beware of Private Limited Company Registration in Trichy

Pvt Ltd Company by the name itself says that it can be owned by common people but it has to be registered by the Government. The Government paves way for the common people to start the business. Minimum two persons are needed to start a private limited company. Private limited Company Registration in Trichy says that maximum shareholders must be 200. They cannot raise money from general public. The company limited by guarantee is formed by non-profit organisation like sports club. This does not have any shareholders. But it is run by guarantors and these guarantors agree to pay lump amount towards company debts. Such guarantor may be a corporate body or any person. The company limited by guarantee should have one guarantor and one director. Even one may take these two positions. 

Private limited Company Registration in Trichy says that the company limited by guarantee can act like a company. It can hire employees, can raise fund from bank, buy or sell property, defend lawsuit. The company limited by guarantee takes the name ‘limited’.  It can be used for non-profit purposes. The profit obtained can be reinvested and the same can be used for promoting non-profit activities. This form is sometimes preferred over the industrial and provident society because company law allows multiple classes of member and with separate voting constituencies.

Subsidiary Pvt Ltd Company

In a company if 51% of the share is held by other company then it is called subsidiary company. If 100% of company shares are held by other company then it is called as 100% subsidiary private limited company or wholly-owned subsidiary. In short a subsidiary company is controlled by other company. Private limited Company Registration gives an example that; George Pvt ltd Company has 100% shares of the other company namely Hanes Pvt Ltd Company, and then Hanes Pvt Ltd Company is the subsidiary of George Pvt ltd Company. George Pvt ltd Company is also called as holding company. Holding company is also known as parent company. So this system is useful for protecting properties from each other’s liabilities. For an example if A is holding company that has B, C, D and E companies then if company E is sued then other B,C,D companies are not affected. 

Private limited Company Registration in Trichy says that parent company should have an oversight to the subsidiary. The subsidiaries’ assets are taken then it means that parent company has day-to-day supervision over subsidiary. Hence the holding company can control the Board of Directors of another company, also more than half of the total voting power of the other company, also more than half of the nominal value of other company and also more than half of the equity share capital of other company. The subsidiary company should have mandatory declaration to be filed under Section 89 of Companies Act 2013 in case of wholly owned subsidiary company.

Private limited Company Registration says about capital and revenue profit. If the amount earned by the subsidiary before acquisition is called capital profit. After acquisition the situation changes. It is owned by other company. So the amount earned after acquisition then it is called revenue profit. Also unrealised profit can be defined as goods that are not sold at the end of the year. The holding company receive dividends from subsidiary company and this dividend should be eliminated while consolidating profit and loss account.

Consolidation of balance sheet

Pvt Ltd Company Registartion in Trichy- Some important Factors

The balance sheet of holding company and subsidiary company are combined in consolidated balance sheet. The share of minority and share of holding company must be considered while consolidating balance sheet. Private limited Company Registration says that the date of balance sheet of holding and subsidiary companies should be the same. And also the unrealized profit, dividend, debtors and creditors, bills receivable and payable, loans and debentures which are known as common transaction must be eliminated when preparing consolidation of balance sheet.

The disadvantage of holding company comes when audit, income tax are in complex. It has interest in establishing monopoly over the market. Private limited Company Registration says that this monopoly is against public interest. And also it is a costly management.

Advantages of Holding company

Pvt Ltd Company Registartion in Trichy- Some important Factors

Private limited Company Registration in Trichy says that holding company provides, 

Buying power, employees, technical expertise to the subsidiary companies

Capacity to start new companies and products

Monetary means.

And the subsidiary company can enjoy the goodwill of the holding company.

A private company has the above features which can be treated as separate property. There are multiple relationships with the directors. The most essential quality for leadership is not perfection but credibility- said Rick Warren. So a private limited company when registered has the people’s confidence and very easy to raise funds. To protect personal assets, various measures are taken as discussed above. Hence there is separation between management and ownership.


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Design Registration

Things you should care while designing a Product

Design comprises of pattern, configuration, and shape. It increases the visual appeal of the product. From shampoo bottles to big furniture the design plays an important role. Protection of industrial design is the most important aspect in the intellectual property rights. This helps in safeguarding the aesthetic value and the owners can enjoy the exclusive rights. Architecture which are not unique, which are disclosed before, obscene images will not be granted registration. Design Registration in Salem says that basic documents required are declarations, affidavit, a certified copy of the original and other public documents with required fee.  Earlier this Act was introduced in May 2011. The registration and protection of the industrial designs can be administered by Designs Act 2000. And correspondingly it is administered by Design rules 2001. The latest amendment made and the architecture rule came into force in December 2014.

What are the important aspects of a Design Registration?

Design Registration, The important factors that we should take care of

Design Registration in Trichy explains what product and industrial designs are. The product architecture is generally called as holistic approach for building new product. So following are the characteristics of good product design. The function, appearance, reliability, maintainability, availability, product ability, simplification, standardisation, specification and safety are the important aspects of good product design. The function is otherwise called as performance. If you architect a pen its function is to write. Nowadays pen comes with torch.  Only the torch is working and the pen is not writing means, the function of the pen has failed to do the job. Also the appearance is also important. It should be attractive and people should be curious to know where you bought the pen. The pen should also be reliable. At least for specific period, the pen should work.

Availability and Simplifications

 Design Registration in Erode says that for any product it must be reliable. The product should be able to maintain for long time. For example if you take washing machine, smaller defects can be tolerated and it can be altered by the assistants available. So the product can be maintained for longer time. Also the product must be available. If it is out of stock then it cannot be bought by the people.

Only if it is bought that is only if it is for the usage for the people the benefit of producing the product. Not only the product if any of the customer has a complaint over the functions of the product, and then there must be certain things should be available to set right. So availability is important. Produce ability means it must be able to be produced. Simplification is the product must be simple and so it can be used by the people easily.

Standardization of a Product

Design Registration, The important factors that we should take care of

Design Registration says that standardization is also important for a good product. If it has low quality and can meet the standards and it will fail in the market. The product must also ensure that it is safe. If there happens any loose contact or any defects in electronic products, then it causes heavy loss for the customers. So care should be taken to ensure the safety of the products. If you need to take examples for product architecture, whatever you buy for your usage right from pen to big appliances they comprise best examples for product designs. Design Registration in Trichy speaks about industrial architecture.

Qualities of an Industrial Designer

The industrial design concentrates on aesthetic feature and does not depend upon the functions of it. Industrial design is your own creativity. Hence it must be protected. It can also be sold out and can be licensed to others. The people who are involved in designing should also have skills to make architectures. The person should be very quick in decision making about what kind of relevant design adhere to the product and how it can attract people. He should have some different and critical thinking. The architecture should have perceptiveness of the society. Recently to produce awareness an engineer produced a car in the shape of Corona virus. He moves around the city to create awareness.

Design Registration says that the designer should not take much time to produce the design and he should not disclose the design. So time management is much needed for designers. Quality control analysis also needed for the designer. The quality control includes inspection, control charts, flowcharts etc. And it is also the responsibility of the industrial design to identify the problem and architect the solution to it.

Replacing the Disadvantages to advantage

Design Registration, The important factors that we should take care of

Design Registration says that initially a fountain pen was in use. But later on its ink leakage compliant a new type of pen called ball point pen was designed. Also the pen is ensured to have non slip design, handy. So the disadvantages of a architecture must be able to be corrected with new designs. So you should be able to identify the problem, then architecture and then testing and refining should be done. So industrial design must ensure the usability of it. Design Registration in Trichy insists that registration of design is important so that the owner’s creativity is protected and he can enjoy the economic benefits.


Importance of Copyright registration

Copyright is one of the intellectual properties. Without permission of the author the copyrighted things cannot be reproduced or distributed. The poems, movies and any kind of audio and video can be copyrighted. So copyright by the word itself says that the author has all the rights to copy his work. Only he has all the rights to copy. The owners can also have all the rights to collect the royalty. It differs from other intellectual properties where the copyright is automatically created when the work is initiated. It gives the extra layer of protection. Copyright registration in salem says that the web contents, computer programs, motion pictures, video, music, artistic works and architectural designs can be given copyright protection. The facts, ideas, methods of operation are not protected under copyright laws. The look and feel of graphical user interface cannot be copyrighted.

how a copyright strike can be retracted?

Copyright registration in erode says how a video can be given copyright strike. Copyrights cover both published and unpublished works. If the infringers use other person’s videos then copyright strike is given. But there is a way how a copyright strike can be retracted. 

  1. On the page go to the upper right hand corner and click avatar icon and mouse down the Creator studio. 
  2. Then to the left hand corner click video manager, and click upon submit retraction. 
  3. After that you may select the video that has to be retracted. 
  4. Click upon retract claims. 

The videos can also be used by getting permission of the owner. This is called fair use. You have to take it out of context. You can trim the video or picture and use it. So that it means it can be modified. 

Example of copyright Registration

Copyright Registration and its importance | Smartauditor

Copyright registration in Coimbatore also says that the most famous case is Patrick carried pictures accusing that Richard Prince used his picture. You may think that Patrick won the case. No. Actually Patrick only lost. Because Richard prince made some changes to the picture like adding blue dots and used it. Also he added guitar to the existing picture and used it. So the court totally ruled out and said that it falls under the policy of fair use. Now readers may have doubt that morphing also falls under fair use. But  no. The fair use policy says the content must be informative and can be used only for a few seconds when it comes to the video. And it is also used for commentary purposes also.

Fair use in the Copyright Act

Readers may be curious to know whether fair use may be applicable to online images. Copyright registration in Trichy says that fair use is not free use. It is the legal exception given to the owner. So you need to know about the term fair use, why you are using the image for teaching purpose or for research. You should have transformed the image. And you should be aware how much of the image is going to be used. And also you should know what the Copyright Act says about fair use.

Section 107 states that it provides a statutory framework for something that is in fair use. such things are  criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship and research. These are the examples of activities that are termed as fair use.  Copyright registration in Trichy says about Portable Network Graphics. PNG is an image file. It contains bitmaps of indexed colours and it is compressed with lossless compression. It has transparent background. And this image is seen at the bottom of song, video, image, websites for which you have obtained copyrights. 

 Copyright is an intangible property

Copyright Registration and its importance | Smartauditor

Copyright registration in Salem says that copyright is an intangible property and it is also divisible. Interestingly if you have to find whether the music is playing is having copyright or not instantly if you have to check, then in the music page click the picture and click the creator studio. This will take you to the dashboard and over the left hand side you may see create and it will show you the audio library. Ad-supported music is clicked and you may see the restrictions for the popular music. Copyright registration in Salem states that if you click any one of the audios you will find it viewable worldwide. And also you can’t monetise the video. If there is any match content people may take the ad revenue. And it also says that the copyright owners can actually modify the rules.

Copyright registration in erode states that copyright gives the author full rights to enjoy the moral rights. Also he can enjoy the economic rights. Maybe stories, movies, songs, pictures that are taken in DSLR cameras and many artistically used forms are given copyrights. Many battle over the misuse of the works which have obtained copyrights. Legally battling does not show that the creator is narrowing minded; actually it shows the infringer’s wrong thoughts. So copyright must be obtained and it gives honour for your creativity.


If your invention is valuable, then it should need a patent

Patent is one of the intellectual properties. This can be described as rights given to the inventor. So no matter what is your qualification, if you have invented a very extra ordinary thing you will be granted the patent. Recently pathodetect is been invented in Maharashtra for finding the fever caused by Corona. So it can also be granted patent if applied for. Patent Registration in Salem says that provisional patent application was introduced in the year 1994. It is the time given to the inventors to perfect their invention.

The inventor can label it as “patent pending” and then can continue his research and documentation. It is less expensive when compared to non-provisional invention application. By doing this you will get priority for your invention. Priority filing date is an important aspect. Because anything comes after it is not given the name priority. A non-provisional patent is applied to get utility protection. Hence it is also called as utility license. So the claims and disclosure of the invention are needed for non-provisional invention application.

Continuation-in-part application

Patent Registration in Trichy says that non provisional applications require normal drawings. Most important part is the claims, and they can be articulated with invention registration attorney. The feature called add-on to the application which is termed as continuation-in-part application (CIP). So it is done when there are many more researches done and such results can be added to your applications. You also may take the original application and modify it and can be added. It has flexibility. Now the new age gives the patent for mobile applications. Patent Registration in Erode states that the mobile app concession is long, costly. The code to the flow of the functions of the application you have to document. It should contain computation, algorithm. Such things should be mentioned in it.

Patent Registration in Salem states that idea cannot be patented so it must be documented. You have to file the application and get the license. A divisional license application is a type of patent application which contains matter from previously filed application. When the applicant claims more than one invention divisional application is used. The conventional licnse is filed when it has accordance with PCT.

Recent Amendments in Patent Rules

Patent Registration in Trichy states that the patent amendments rule 2019, have come into effect by Central Government on September 2019. It states that speed examination should be done on applications on female applicant, small entities or MSME, Departments of the government, Institutions owned or controlled by Government, Institution wholly or substantially financed by the Government, Government companies and applications received from those countries which are in alliance with our Indian Patent office.

Patent Registration says that in 2019, transmission of documents by invention registration agents, documents for small entities and start-ups, expedited examination, transmittal fee and certified copy fee no longer applicable and changes to the format of Form 18A. The following are the criteria to file license. They are: The invention should not be disclosed earlier, the invention must be capable to be used in industries and also it should not be so obvious.

Process in patent search  

Patent Rule amendments and process in Patent Search

First step is you need to ensure that your invention is new. So before spending time and money for the invention filing, you need to spend some time in knowing whether already any invention is similar that of yours. Also your license should include good prior art. This prior art will say how broadly your invention can be elaborated in your patent application. The invention registartion attorneys are subjected to keep your invention secret. They are already in obligation to keep your work secret.

Patent Registration in erode says that if you find you invention already existing, don’t lose your heart, you have to know that you are saving money. And you must fine some other ways to find new inventions or to make some amendments to your work. The process also includes end to end prosecution for invention which includes early publication; request for examination, response must be prepared for the examination report, the opposition which includes pre-grant opposition, post grant opposition, amendments should be strategized, hearings must be attended and the application should be tracked. Finally the patent is granted.

Patent Registration in Trichy states that when patent is obtained you may offer it for sale. Invention is not an easy thing. You would spend lot of time, money and strength in inventing. Daily you would have arrived with new things, new conclusions, new changes and such efforts should not go in vain. So when obtained license, you will receive profit for the work done. The second thing is it gives protection to your invention. Your invention is highly protected from your infringers. The law, attorneys are always there for you to stand against license infringement and can take necessary actions to it.


Top 9 things you should consider while trademark a logo

How to Trademark a logo? Here are the Top 9 points you have to consider about trademarking a Logo.

Business needs branding, and the branding always seeking for an attractive Logo. Our concepts and design in the logo may affect infringement by introducing it into the world without a proper registration. To avoid such malfunctions, we have to take care of our logos by the use of trademarks laws. Registration is the crucial part of a business. It has the power to save us from duplications. Let us discuss about the 10 points of logo registration.

What is a Trademark?

Trademark is an Intellectual Property. We can trademark on whatever the things we wanted in our Business. But the thing is it must be distinctive. We can trademark a logo, word, slogan, or some other combination of words. By trademarking a logo, we will identified in the market based on that logo. We will get an identification via Trademark. Trademark makes trust in users. It becomes an identifier of the product’s source. Trademark Registration gives some advantages of being not infringed by other peoples. Generally, we can say that Trademark is the unique Identification object.

What is the purpose of a trademark?

Our Business’s brand identity plays a crucial role in the marketplace. Right? Bulk engagements from the customer side is also an added advantages of such branding. But if we do not trademarked our brand, it all goes in vain. Multiple infringing companies are here around with our business. If we do not attempt any registration, the result will be an infringement. Trademark registration protects your Brand Identity. It saves your true value and trust in Customer side. One your brand gets infringed, then you will lose customer trust and satisfaction on your company. So by placing a trademarked logo saves you from all these interruptions. Trademark stops infringing companies to copycat the registered brand names, logos and slogans.

What is meant by a logo becoming a Trademark?

Top 9 things you should consider while trademark a logo

When your logo appears in the packaging, labels or on the products itself, it means your logo become a trademark. People are identifying your company by the logo. For that, you have a unique Logo and it should appeal the eyes of the customers. And the main thing is you have to register your logo first.

What are the main advantages of registering or converting your logo as a trademark?

There are some benefits for registering your logo as a trademark.

You will get the Priority. If you are registered your Logo as a trademark, you can use it worldwide. If not so, you cannot able to do in globally, instead of that you can use it in your current zone or in your geographical areas. This may cause, some other persons can use your mark and damage your dignity and identity. By trademark registration, you can avoid and stop from being used by infringers.

If you are a registered trademark owner, then you can charge on the person, who is using your logo or any other similar logos without authorization. You have the full rights to initiate such legal activities, because you are a registered person.

Likewise, if your logo is trademarked in United States, you can register the trademark in other countries too. It is an added advantages and you can connect more networks and sell your products in foreign markets.

How to check that our Logo is efficient for Registration purposes?

We can check our logos by sending it to Patent office. They are approving thousands of logos annually. Most of the requests are getting rejected or denied due to the similarities and non-uniqueness. The criteria are trademark should not mislead the customer or do not provoke and cannot contain any offensive parts. The similarity in the trademarks may lead confusion among customers. If your trademark is unique then definitely it will be suitable for trademark registration.

When we can register our trademark?

Top 9 things you should consider while trademark a logo

Registering a trademark is possible before you launches your product or services. For registration you have to complete the Patent Office approval of an application.

What is a strongest trademarks?

There are lots of trademarks are roll around in business. The trademark should be distinctive. Trademarks are classified under a classification system. If your trademark is strong, then it will be easy to register. Because such marks are having 100% of uniqueness. If not so, it means your trademarks are weaker and it takes very difficult to get registered. Strongest trademarks always possess arbitrary and fanciful.

How can we use those Trademarks symbol in our Business?

Symbols like ® and ™ are used to represent that our logo is registered. You can use the ® symbol only for the registered marks. But once you file the trademark you can use the ™ symbol. It is the representation that you are start the process of your trademark registration. If you are not registered yet, then there is no use with this symbols. These symbol are the representation of ownerships.

How to insert these symbols into text?
Top 9 things you should consider while trademark a logo

Inserting such symbols into the text is really easy. If you want to add a ™ symbol, then use the keyboard combination of Alt key followed by the number 0153. If you want to use the ®symbol, then pressing the Alt key followed by 0174. I also used the same method to write those symbols.

Another method is to copy those symbols are selecting it from the Character map available in your software program.


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