Trademark registration and its importance for our business

The primary function of a trademark and Trademark filing is to distinguish the goods or services offered by a merchant from those offered by other merchants. The trademark registration is, therefore, an important aspect of any business, not only because it identifies a merchant, but also because it communicates to consumers that the goods or services that bear this mark are derived from a particular source and can be distinguished from all other resources for those goods or services.

The term trademark is often used to refer to both a trademark and a service mark. The difference is that the trademark promotes goods or products, while the service mark promotes services. It seems common practice to refer to service marks as trademarks or service marks. However, the reverse is not true; and one cannot mark the mark affixed to objects as a service mark.

Marks and trade Common symbols associated with trademarks. The mark refers to the registered trademark and is therefore protected by trademark law. TM is the symbol used to indicate that the company uses the logo as a trademark. This does not mean that the mark is registered or protected under the Trademark Act. You do not have to use any symbols, but there are two important benefits to using them. First, the icons give the world notice that you are claiming the icons as trademarks and this prevents others from trying to use the name for their own business.

Trademark filing needs for a business

Trademark filing and its importance for our business

While it is not mandatory to register a trademark to use it, trademark registration adds great value to the business. Adopting a brand that is similar to or similar to your business can reduce or damage the business’s friendliness and reputation if others try to misrepresent their own products and services as yours. Some important benefits of registering a trademark are:

  • The trademark owner has the right to prevent others from using a similar or identical mark without his or her permission after the trademark is registered.
  • There is a proper awareness among the people about the authentic ownership and quality of the product.
  • The registered trademark owner may prevent others from copying and using the trademark, and may claim damages from companies that infringe on the trademark.
  • Trademark registration reduces the likelihood that your trademark will infringe on another trademark.
  • Gives the proprietor the right to use the trademark.

The trademark acts like your PR

A trademark Registration in Salem is a tool that keeps your company open. It becomes the identity of the brand. TM is the face of the company. The reputation of the company is determined by the services/products being in the market. For example, in the fashion industry, a trademark/brand name becomes an incentive for people to choose that brand for others. If your registered trademark connects with customers and trusts the quality they offer, your brand will grow.

It is the property of the company

Once the brand has earned a niche position in the business, its value comes to the fore. Brand value increases with business reputation. Therefore online trademark registration can help you to monetize that value in the future and protect it from infringement. However, trademark registration is advisably possible only if the brand name is unique. It is therefore imperative to obtain a trademark search before applying for TM

Brand helps you market your brand better

Trademark filing and its importance for our business

Consumer markets have gone global, so the need to be unique and different has grown. The recognition that a brand gets through a unique trademark design such as a trade name or a Coca Cola bottle creates an impact on the consumer mentality. It helps to mark and enhance the visibility of brands.

Expansion Open avenues for business expansion

After trademark registration is complete and your trademark is secure. You have the flexibility to move forward with expansion from one industry to another. In the future, if you plan to sell your business to another corporation, having a registered trademark will increase the value of the company. This will allow you to enjoy the fruits of your labor in building a brand.


Trademark Registration makes your brand a kind. Such marks may not be filed or used. If anyone does so, you have the right to sue and sue for damages. It therefore brings clarity and avoids any confusion among consumers. Consumers identify products and services by trade name. It helps to create a market reputation and becomes the face of the trademark company.

Rights and legal protection

Registration gives the owner the right to sell, license and make money exclusively from the brand. The right to sue infringers is the most important right of a registered trademark owner. The same can be said about infringement claims. Once a trademark is recorded, proper legal evidence is required to protect the trademark publicly.

The increases credibility and trust among customers

Registration gives the client an idea about brand building and providing authentic, quality products.

Online trademark filing

Trademark filing and its importance for our business

The first step is to sign in. Sign up if the person is a new user. Online trademark filing requires procuring class 3 or DSC 2 and then clicking on proceed for the registration. Under the Type of Applicant select the option proprietor. In the case of a lawyer, select the attorney and in case of the agent select the option agent. Fill in the proprietor’s name and click the submit button. The person can manually add new party code by selecting the Add new. Then go to the page and select the proprietary category.

Online trademark filing requires to fill the name, email address phone number and click submit. Proprietor code is generated. The new registration form has broad categories. Upload DSC, User details are to be filed, then email ID and mobile number are required for the third category. In online trademark filing the last step is to receive the credentials via email. This gives the confirmation message like the trademark has been created successfully.

Recent news

India and the US have signed a memorandum of understanding to co-operate on intellectual property testing and protection and to strengthen IP systems in both countries. According to the official statement, the MoU aims to exchange information and best practices for the registration and testing of applications for the protection of patents, trademarks, copyrights, geographical indications and industrial models and IPRs. It also facilitates the exchange of best practices, including raising awareness on the use of existing IP systems for the database of traditional knowledge and the protection of traditional knowledge.

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