Top 9 things you should consider while trademark a logo

How to Trademark a logo? Here are the Top 9 points you have to consider about trademarking a Logo.

Business needs branding, and the branding always seeking for an attractive Logo. Our concepts and design in the logo may affect infringement by introducing it into the world without a proper registration. To avoid such malfunctions, we have to take care of our logos by the use of trademarks laws. Registration is the crucial part of a business. It has the power to save us from duplications. Let us discuss about the 10 points of logo registration.

What is a Trademark?

Trademark is an Intellectual Property. We can trademark on whatever the things we wanted in our Business. But the thing is it must be distinctive. We can trademark a logo, word, slogan, or some other combination of words. By trademarking a logo, we will identified in the market based on that logo. We will get an identification via Trademark. Trademark makes trust in users. It becomes an identifier of the product’s source. Trademark Registration gives some advantages of being not infringed by other peoples. Generally, we can say that Trademark is the unique Identification object.

What is the purpose of a trademark?

Our Business’s brand identity plays a crucial role in the marketplace. Right? Bulk engagements from the customer side is also an added advantages of such branding. But if we do not trademarked our brand, it all goes in vain. Multiple infringing companies are here around with our business. If we do not attempt any registration, the result will be an infringement. Trademark registration protects your Brand Identity. It saves your true value and trust in Customer side. One your brand gets infringed, then you will lose customer trust and satisfaction on your company. So by placing a trademarked logo saves you from all these interruptions. Trademark stops infringing companies to copycat the registered brand names, logos and slogans.

What is meant by a logo becoming a Trademark?

Top 9 things you should consider while trademark a logo

When your logo appears in the packaging, labels or on the products itself, it means your logo become a trademark. People are identifying your company by the logo. For that, you have a unique Logo and it should appeal the eyes of the customers. And the main thing is you have to register your logo first.

What are the main advantages of registering or converting your logo as a trademark?

There are some benefits for registering your logo as a trademark.

You will get the Priority. If you are registered your Logo as a trademark, you can use it worldwide. If not so, you cannot able to do in globally, instead of that you can use it in your current zone or in your geographical areas. This may cause, some other persons can use your mark and damage your dignity and identity. By trademark registration, you can avoid and stop from being used by infringers.

If you are a registered trademark owner, then you can charge on the person, who is using your logo or any other similar logos without authorization. You have the full rights to initiate such legal activities, because you are a registered person.

Likewise, if your logo is trademarked in United States, you can register the trademark in other countries too. It is an added advantages and you can connect more networks and sell your products in foreign markets.

How to check that our Logo is efficient for Registration purposes?

We can check our logos by sending it to Patent office. They are approving thousands of logos annually. Most of the requests are getting rejected or denied due to the similarities and non-uniqueness. The criteria are trademark should not mislead the customer or do not provoke and cannot contain any offensive parts. The similarity in the trademarks may lead confusion among customers. If your trademark is unique then definitely it will be suitable for trademark registration.

When we can register our trademark?

Top 9 things you should consider while trademark a logo

Registering a trademark is possible before you launches your product or services. For registration you have to complete the Patent Office approval of an application.

What is a strongest trademarks?

There are lots of trademarks are roll around in business. The trademark should be distinctive. Trademarks are classified under a classification system. If your trademark is strong, then it will be easy to register. Because such marks are having 100% of uniqueness. If not so, it means your trademarks are weaker and it takes very difficult to get registered. Strongest trademarks always possess arbitrary and fanciful.

How can we use those Trademarks symbol in our Business?

Symbols like ® and ™ are used to represent that our logo is registered. You can use the ® symbol only for the registered marks. But once you file the trademark you can use the ™ symbol. It is the representation that you are start the process of your trademark registration. If you are not registered yet, then there is no use with this symbols. These symbol are the representation of ownerships.

How to insert these symbols into text?
Top 9 things you should consider while trademark a logo

Inserting such symbols into the text is really easy. If you want to add a ™ symbol, then use the keyboard combination of Alt key followed by the number 0153. If you want to use the ®symbol, then pressing the Alt key followed by 0174. I also used the same method to write those symbols.

Another method is to copy those symbols are selecting it from the Character map available in your software program.


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