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Digital Signature Certificate for tender

Digital Signature Certificate

Digital Signature Certificates (DSC) are the digital same (that is electronic configuration) of physical or paper certificates. Instances of actual certificates are drivers’ licenses, international IDs or registration cards. Certificates act as a proof of identity of a person for a specific reason; for instance, a driver’s license recognizes somebody who can legally drive in a specific country. In like manner, a digital certificate can be introduced electronically to prove your identity, to get to data or services on the Internet or to carefully sign specific documents digitally.

What is e-tender?

At its core, e- Tendering is essential for the method involved with conducting procurement on the internet, principally to work with a more proficient approach to sourcing suppliers. None of the software in the process resides on the computers of one or the other procurer or supplier, while all exchanging of documentation are done by means of the internet, from the promoting of the necessity to the setting of the contract.

Through this altogether digital system, it robotizes the most common way of overseeing tenders, taking into account smoother, more controlled acquisition that allows the procurer to oversee and assess offers easily.

Digital Signature certificate for tender

Digital Signature for e-Tendering has improved on the submission of offers of associations for getting different government and confidential ventures. For achieving any e-tendering process, Class 3 DSC for tender request submission of many organizations is crucial.

The utilization of class 3 digital signature certificate for e-tendering is lawfully admissible and authorized to record any request/bid for e-obtainment processes. According to the IT act, 2000 Government of India, it is important to utilize DSC for submitting demands for e-tender. It approves the organization subtleties and gives more straightforwardness and security to the entire interaction.

Procedure for Getting a Class 3 DSC for Tender

Digital Signature Certificate limits the gap between the buyer and the supplier/bidder during bid submission. It verifies the supplier identity carefully and records the resulting e-tendering information. Digital signature certificate in Bangalore can be obtained from Smartauditor.

To get a digital signature for e-tendering, you really want to tap on the ‘Buy Certificate’ button and continue to apply. A candidate can undoubtedly apply through different methods of use which are as per the following:

  • Online Aadhaar OTP, Biometric,
  • PAN based, and
  • E-KYC mode.

After effective finishing of the application process for Digital signaure certificate in Bangalore, you can download the class 3 DSC for use.

Advantages of Digital Signature for Tender

There are a few benefits related with the utilization of Class 3 DSC for e-tendering. Allow us to sort them out individually.

  • It carefully verifies the identity and the data traded. In this manner, it approves secure and safe transactions.
  •  Submission of a request for an e-tender invitation can be made simpler and more helpful with a class 3 digital signature certificate. It gives a totally protected digital climate for the information traded during filing offers on the internet.
  • No modification or change can be performed while involving a class 3 DSC for e-tender services. The encryption and decryption mechanisms of the information license no imitation, information penetrating, and so on.

Who issues Digital Signature Certificate in Coimbatore?

Any licensed Certifying Authority (CA) not only in Coimbatore, across India issues digital signature certificate in Coimbatore. Here comes another question, who is the Certifying Authority? A CA or Certifying Authority means any person who has been granted a license to issue DSC which is mentioned under Section 24 of the Indian IT – Act 2000.

Validity of DSC

The Certifying Authorities are authorized to give a Digital Signature Certificate with a validity of 2 years. The greatest period for which the DSC is given is just two years. On the expiry of the term, the Digital Signature Certificate in Coimbatore can be revalidated by paying the expenses once more.

How to register DSC on CPP Portal?

All the Government of India divisions distribute their concerned delicate enquiries, proposition demands and bid granting subtleties on the CPP Portal. Contractors can offer for the published tenders utilizing their digital signature. Thus, it is necessary for the bidders/contractors for hire to have a digital signature to offer for the Government tenders. They can acquire digital signatures from any trusted Affirming Specialists like eMudhra.

To offer for tenders internet utilizing digital signature, Contractors should enlist their Digital Signature Certificate in Chennai on the CPP entrance. Following are the essentials before you attempt to enroll DSC on the CPP entry:

  • Valid Class 3 DSC alongside USB Token
  • Installed DSC software
  • User ID and password to login


  • Open CPP e-procurement portal and press Click here to Login
  • Enter Id password, Captcha and Proceed
  • You have not registered with DSC yet.
  • A pop up shows do you want to continue.
  • Click Continue
  • Again pop up screen appears Do you want to run this application
  • Select DSC and click OK
  • A message appears DSC has registration successfully

DSC Types

The various kinds of Digital Signature Certificates are: Class 2: Here, the identity of an individual is checked against a trusted, pre-verified data base. Class 3: Here the individual necessities to present oneself before a Registration Authority (RA) and prove his/her personality.

Important note

These days, DSC 2 isn’t issued or renewed, while DSC 3, which is a highly secured signature, is given to candidates. Digital signatures are legitimately permissible in an official court of law, as given under the provisions of the IT Act, 2000.


A digital signature certificate in Chennai (DSC) assists with finishing the Income Tax Return (ITR) verification process electronically. As the deadline time for filing ITR is drawing closer, it is fitting that citizens get a DSC

Register DSC with IT department

  • Log into income tax portal
  • Login with PAN and password
  • The Click register Digital Signature under Profile setting tab
  • Download DSC Management Utility
  • Extract the zip folder and then open DSC management utility
  • Generate signature file (USB token) and follow the instruction
  • Attach the generated file and click on submit.

The most effective method to transfer ITR

  • Fill the form and save it on your system.
  • Log on the tax department portal and click on ‘Submit return’ choice .
  • Fill the assessment year and click on ‘Yes’ when asked ‘Do you want to sign the document carefully?’
  • Upload the USB token (DSC) and create signature file.
  • Finish the process by validating the e-filling return

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