Secure Your Invention via Patent Registration

Protection or secure Your Invention is all we need to be in a Unique place. A patent is a form of intellectual property rights that will prevent your ideas from being used by others without your concern. In modern usage, the term patent usually refers to the right granted to anyone who invents something new, useful and non-obvious. Let us discuss what are all the various inventions can be patented. Firstly let’s see a mobile app. A mobile app idea can be patented, because mobile app is a component which enables methods of interaction. An invention to be patented means it must be unique and be useful for others. Since the new ideas are helpful in solving the problems of the users they can be patented.

Patent registration in Salem states that there are different types of patent applications. They are: Provisional application and non-provisional application. The provisional application can be defined as common type of patenting an app idea. Generally it was defined as the first approach. You can file without formal patent claim, declaration or any disclosure statement.

Secure Your Ideas- Is there any Benefits?

The benefits are: It grants completely 12 months to develop. It allows you to use the term” patent pending” on the product. It is less expensive to apply when compared to non-provisional application. A non-provisional application must contain descriptive details of the invention and at least one claim the legal bounds of the invention.

Patent registration in Salem the wireless communication is for transmitting and receiving and hence it is useful for the mankind. The global positioning system is patented under the name “Navigation system  using satellites and passive ranging techniques.” GPS became fully operational with 24 satellites in 1995 and nowadays the Google Maps is virtually never out of reach. The Bluetooth is patented under the name “Peer to peer information exchange for mobile communications devices”. This technology almost used in handheld devices like smartphones, LED televisions.

Small example of how its works

 The patent discloses a wireless network with a master unit and a slave unit, the master unit being capable of communicating with the slave unit by means of a virtual frequency hopping channel. Patent registration says that there are about ten patents protecting Bluetooth technology. The third generation wireless mobile telecommunications. The first generation mobile technology was invented for analogue and the second generation for digital but the third generation mobile technology was invented for UMTS (Universal Mobile Telecommunication Systems).

The recent fourth generation which improves video calling, new features of WhatsApp and speed of the mobile phone is also patented. The self-driving car which is recent revolution is also patented under the name Vision system for an autonomous vehicle”. Hundreds of patents for self-driving car technology exist, but the company that broke through the barrier was an Italian machine vision company called VisLab. 

How to protect our Invention internationally?

Secure Your Invention via Patent Registration | Smartauditor

A patent registration in Trichy insists that the detailed diagram must be given. And also the system structure demonstrating all software and hardware elements must be given. Also ensure that there is proper synchronisation between the flowcharts. With patent protection your business can work out with new technology which is perfect for distribution. Prioritize patent, identify early, exploits hit t hilt, incentivize development, and keep an eye on the competitors.

A patent registration in Trichy speaks about Patent cooperation treaty. Patent cooperation treaty (PCT) is a cost effective means for protecting inventions internationally. PCT eliminates the need of file separate national or regional application. Upon filing the international patent within 12 months of filing the first patent application with national patent office, an application can set process of obtaining patent in 148 countries simultaneously. It helps national patent office’s relating to inventions through PATENTSCOPE.

The Patents Management Program

 The PATENTSCOPE database is publicly available global patent search system. It is free of charge. It provides access to information of new technologies. It is available in Multilanguage. And also it is user friendly. It is also used for monitoring patenting activity of competitors. These are the concepts explained by Patent registration.

A patent registration in Erode explains about The Patents Management Program is intended to cover the following risks:The loss of the ability by the company to protect employee’s inventions through patents and trade secrets; to cover evidentiary difficulties regarding the identity of the inventors; to cover problems regarding the ownership of the invention; Also to the disclosure of the invention and, as a result, the impossibility of protection under the patent . And  to cover the problems regarding the patentability and plausibility of the invention (insufficiency of description and data showing the ability to solve the technical problem).

Amendments in Patent Registration Rule

Secure Your Invention via Patent Registration | Smartauditor

Patent registration says about the recent amendments are made in patent. The first thing is Earlier the applicant had to apply for examination of the patent application to the controller. This way done for administrative convenience of the patent office to deal with those patent applications where the application is serious and  desirous to get patent. After request for examination the application was published to invite oppositions if any from public.

Recently the Intellectual Property litigators are navigating the COVID-19 shutdown. Companies need to wait for litigation delays to pass or look into the options for conducting proceedings virtually or remotely. Patent registration says another very important change is that it specifies what are the inventions cannot be patented. And also the chemicals, bio technology, food processing, drugs  and pharmaceuticals. Earlier the processes were only patented. Thus any medicine could be prepared by different process without any infringement. But now once product patent regime is in force one cannot make the patented product at all.

Secure Your Invention via Patent Registration | Smartauditor

A patent for an invention is granted by the government to the applicant, and gives him the right for a limited period to stop others from making, using or selling the invention without permission. Thus patent registration is often considered as high profile activity. Earlier it was often thought that only scientists and researchers would invent and get the right of patent. But nowadays it is possible to get patent rights for any of the students or a person who can think extraordinarily with skilled guide can invent and get the rights of the patent. The laws also assist you in achieving your goal.

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