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Partnership registration implies the registration of the partnership firm by its accomplices with the Recorder of Firms. The accomplices ought to register their firm with the Enlistment centre of Firms of the state where the firm is found. Since partnership firm enlistment isn’t obligatory, the accomplices can apply for enlistment of the partnership firm either at the arrangement of the firm or along these lines at any time amid its operation. For partnership enlistment, the two or more individuals must come together as accomplices, concur on a firm title and enter into a partnership deed. Be that as it may, accomplices cannot be individuals of a Hindu Unified Family or husband and wife. In this blog I have discussed partnership firm renewal.

Importance of Enlisting a Partnership Firm

The enlistment of a partnership firm by partnership firm registration in Coimbatore is discretionary and not obligatory beneath the Indian Partnership Act. It is at the watchfulness of the accomplices and deliberate. The firm’s registration can be done at the time of its arrangement or joining or amid the continuation of the partnership business.

However, it’s always advisable to register the partnership firm as a registered firm by partnership firm registration in Coimbatore enjoys certain special rights and benefits as compared to the unregistered firms. The advantages that a partnership firm enjoy are:

A partner can file case against against any partner or the partnership firm. A partner does it for enforcing his rights arising from a contract against the partner or the firm. Within the case of an unregistered partnership firm, partners cannot sue against the firm or other partners to enforce his right.
The registered firm can sue against any third party. It is for enforcing a right from a contract.

Within the case of an unregistered firm, it cannot file a suit against any third party to enforce a right. However, any third party can sue against the unregistered firm.
The registered firm can claim set-off, other proceedings which is to enforce a right arising from a contract. The unregistered firm cannot claim depart in any proceedings against it.

Registration procedure

The partnership firm registration in Coimbatore has the following procedure.

Application for Registration

An application shape needs to be recorded to the Enlistment centre of Firms of the State in which the firm is arranged beside endorsed expenses. The enlistment application has got to be marked and confirmed by all the accomplices or their specialists. The application can be sent to the Recorder of Firms through post or by physical conveyance, which contains the taking after details:

The title of the firm.

The foremost put of commerce of the firm.

The area of any other places where the firm carries on trade.

The date of joining of each partner.

The names and lasting addresses of all the partners.

The length of the firm.

The second step is choosing the name of the partnership firm.

A partnership firm enrolled by partnership firm registration in Coimbatore can have reference by any name. But there are some requirements that must be met when choosing the name:

  • The name shouldn’t be too similar to or identical to another company already operating in the same industry.
  • Emperor, crown, empress, empire, and any other words that suggest government authorization or support should not be used in the name.

Registration Certificate

The firm will be registered in the Register of Firms and given the Registration Certificate if the Registrar is pleased with the registration application and supporting documentation.

All firms’ most recent information is available in the Register of Firms, which anybody can access for a fee.

A form for the application along with fees is to be submitted to the Registrar of Firms of the State in which the firm is situated. The application must have signature by all partners or their agents.

Name Given to the Partnership Firm

  • Any name are often given to a partnership firm as long as you fulfil the following conditions:
  • The name shouldn’t be too similar or just like an existing firm doing the same business
  • The name shouldn’t contain words like emperor, crown, empress, empire or the other words which show sanction or approval of the government.

    Partnership Deed
  • Partnership deed is described as an agreement between the partners. It is done during which rights, duties, profits shares and other obligations of every partner is mentioned. A partnership deed are often written or oral, although it’s always advisable to write a partnership deed to avoid any conflicts in the future.

When partnership firm will become invalid?

If the partnership agreement has no registration, then the court may deem a partnership invalid. If the thing of the business is illegal, the court may consider the partnership invalid and dissolve the partnership.

Can my certificate of registration be cancelled?

In a certain sense, a partnership certification of incorporation are often have cancellation, this often termed as dissolution. A dissolution are often brought upon automatically when all partners or all partners except one partner are declared insolvent or if the firm is carrying unlawful activities, i.e. like trading in drugs or other illegal products, corporate malpractice which will harm the interest of India.

Details of Partnership deed

The partnership deed is important for partnership firm registration in Coimbatore. It must contain following details.

General details

  • Name and address of the firm of all the partners
  • Nature of business
  • Date of starting of business capital
  • Capital to have contribution  by every partner
  • Profit/loss sharing of partner

Specific details

  • Interest on the capital invested
  • Salaries, commissions payed by other partners.
  • Rights of each partner
  • Duties and the obligation of partners.
  • Adjustments, retirement of death, dissolution of death.
  • Other clauses as partners may decide by mutual discussion.

Checklist of the firm

  • Drafting of partnership deed
  • Minimum two members as partners
  • Maximum of equal or less than 20 partners.
  • Selection of name
  • PAN Card
  • Principal place of business.

What is Form 2 in the partnership firm registration?

FORM 2 (See rule 3) The Indian Partnership Act 1932. Statement of Alteration in the name of the firm, or may be the location of the firm. Also if there is change in the principal place of business.

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