Things you should care while designing a Product

Design comprises of pattern, configuration, and shape. It increases the visual appeal of the product. From shampoo bottles to big furniture the design plays an important role. Protection of industrial design is the most important aspect in the intellectual property rights. This helps in safeguarding the aesthetic value and the owners can enjoy the exclusive rights. Architecture which are not unique, which are disclosed before, obscene images will not be granted registration. Design Registration in Salem says that basic documents required are declarations, affidavit, a certified copy of the original and other public documents with required fee.  Earlier this Act was introduced in May 2011. The registration and protection of the industrial designs can be administered by Designs Act 2000. And correspondingly it is administered by Design rules 2001. The latest amendment made and the architecture rule came into force in December 2014.

What are the important aspects of a Design Registration?

Design Registration, The important factors that we should take care of

Design Registration in Trichy explains what product and industrial designs are. The product architecture is generally called as holistic approach for building new product. So following are the characteristics of good product design. The function, appearance, reliability, maintainability, availability, product ability, simplification, standardisation, specification and safety are the important aspects of good product design. The function is otherwise called as performance. If you architect a pen its function is to write. Nowadays pen comes with torch.  Only the torch is working and the pen is not writing means, the function of the pen has failed to do the job. Also the appearance is also important. It should be attractive and people should be curious to know where you bought the pen. The pen should also be reliable. At least for specific period, the pen should work.

Availability and Simplifications

 Design Registration in Erode says that for any product it must be reliable. The product should be able to maintain for long time. For example if you take washing machine, smaller defects can be tolerated and it can be altered by the assistants available. So the product can be maintained for longer time. Also the product must be available. If it is out of stock then it cannot be bought by the people.

Only if it is bought that is only if it is for the usage for the people the benefit of producing the product. Not only the product if any of the customer has a complaint over the functions of the product, and then there must be certain things should be available to set right. So availability is important. Produce ability means it must be able to be produced. Simplification is the product must be simple and so it can be used by the people easily.

Standardization of a Product

Design Registration, The important factors that we should take care of

Design Registration says that standardization is also important for a good product. If it has low quality and can meet the standards and it will fail in the market. The product must also ensure that it is safe. If there happens any loose contact or any defects in electronic products, then it causes heavy loss for the customers. So care should be taken to ensure the safety of the products. If you need to take examples for product architecture, whatever you buy for your usage right from pen to big appliances they comprise best examples for product designs. Design Registration in Trichy speaks about industrial architecture.

Qualities of an Industrial Designer

The industrial design concentrates on aesthetic feature and does not depend upon the functions of it. Industrial design is your own creativity. Hence it must be protected. It can also be sold out and can be licensed to others. The people who are involved in designing should also have skills to make architectures. The person should be very quick in decision making about what kind of relevant design adhere to the product and how it can attract people. He should have some different and critical thinking. The architecture should have perceptiveness of the society. Recently to produce awareness an engineer produced a car in the shape of Corona virus. He moves around the city to create awareness.

Design Registration says that the designer should not take much time to produce the design and he should not disclose the design. So time management is much needed for designers. Quality control analysis also needed for the designer. The quality control includes inspection, control charts, flowcharts etc. And it is also the responsibility of the industrial design to identify the problem and architect the solution to it.

Replacing the Disadvantages to advantage

Design Registration, The important factors that we should take care of

Design Registration says that initially a fountain pen was in use. But later on its ink leakage compliant a new type of pen called ball point pen was designed. Also the pen is ensured to have non slip design, handy. So the disadvantages of a architecture must be able to be corrected with new designs. So you should be able to identify the problem, then architecture and then testing and refining should be done. So industrial design must ensure the usability of it. Design Registration in Trichy insists that registration of design is important so that the owner’s creativity is protected and he can enjoy the economic benefits.

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