What are prerequisites to register a private limited company in Bangalore

private limited Company Registration must be appointed 2 directors and up to 15 directors may be appointed. To register a Private Limited Company in Bangalore there is no limit required in addition to the minimum amount paid and the company name must be

Private Limited Company Registration in Bangalore
Private Limited Company Registration in Bangalore

Bangalore Company Registration Checklist

Private limited company in Bangalore At least 2 Directors who are residents of India.

• A minimum of 2 shareholders and no more than 200 shareholders is required.

• Registered office address is required.

• All documents must be sent online.

How to Register a Private limited Company in Bangalore?

Document Delivery:

The IDs of the two proposed directors must be submitted which include:

PAN Card or Passport.

Proof of Address: Passport / Driver’s License / Election ID / Rating Card / Aadhar Card.

Proof of Residence: Bank Statement / Electricity Bill / Telephone Bill.

Name authorization process:

The name of the company must be different and an application must be made to be approved by the Department of Business Affairs. Up to 2 words can be provided. If rejected, the applicant is given the opportunity to resubmit the form with 2 more words.

Obtaining a Digital Signature Certificate:

It is necessary to obtain the Digital Signatures of the proposed directors. DSC is required to sign the application for installation. However, DSC is not required to obtain name authorization.

SPIC form application at +:

Upon receipt of the Digital Signature Certificate the application for submission is submitted in the SPICe and MCA form. You do not need to get name permission to submit an SPICE Form.

Company Installation:

Consolidated Company with Incorporation certificate and PAN, TAN can be obtained within 2-3 business days.

What Are the Compliance of Company Registered in Bangalore?

Private Limited Company Registration in Bangalore
Private Limited Company Registration in Bangalore

Appointment of Auditor: The Board of Directors must appoint a Practicing Chartered Accountant within 30 days of the consolidation process for further audit.

Starting a Business: A large amount stated in the MOA will be deposited in the bank and the initial certificate must be obtained from the MCA.

Completing Income Tax: Companies registered in Bangalore must complete an ITR 6 form annually.

Annual Refund: Companies registered in Bangalore are required to file an annual MCA rebate annually through Form AOC 4 and MGT 7.

DIN KYC: The DIN KYC process must be completed annually to the Company’s proposed directors.

Why should you start a limited private company?

There are several things a business owner should consider before choosing the type of business that a person plans to register. Size and nature of business, revenue collection, scale etc. should be considered before choosing the type of business plan. Here are some of the reasons why you should register your business as a private limited company in Bangalore.

Limited Responsibility

One of the main benefits of starting a private limited company is a fixed loan. Limited credit means limited exposure to financial risk by corporate investors. Limited liability means that the shareholders’ debt to the company is limited to the amount invested in the company.

For example, if Sam has invested Rs 100,000 to start a private limited company. The debt is his investment of Rs 100,000. In other words, his potential loss could not exceed Rs 100,000. He will not be liable for any liability beyond this initial amount of Rs 100,000.

Business Continuity

Private limited company in Bangalore enjoy endless succession. What does endless sequence mean? Shareholders may come and go, but the company still exists. The Company is not liable for the death of any of its shareholders or the transfer of its shares to another person.

For example, in a joint venture, a change in membership leads to the dissolution of the existing partnership while in a limited liability company, one shareholder may transfer its shares to another, but the company continues to operate.


Financial institutions such as banks, business funds, and the private limited sector lend their resources voluntarily to private limited companies that lend to other types of business organizations.

Banks are more likely to lend to limited companies because they can use company assets as collateral for loans. Expenditure firms invest in a private equity firm by exchanging equity shares; this cannot be achieved in a co-operative.

Forward and Out

Limited companies are easier to sell compared to partner firms. Ownership should be equity or equity shares and can be easily traded without interfering with the operations of the company.

Salaries for directors

There is no maximum limit on directors’ salaries; and there is a limit on the income paid to our corporate partners in terms of the Income Tax Act, 1961.


Private Limited Company Registration in Bangalore
Private Limited Company Registration in Bangalore

Limited credit

When businesses face unexpected financial difficulties and close to closure, shareholders of private limited company in Bangalore face the risk of losing their assets. Only invested in starting a business will be lost and the Director’s properties will be safe. In the case of standard Corporate Companies, partners have a personal liability and if the business is unable to pay the amount, the partners have to sell their personal belongings in order to pay.

Getting support

private limited companies readily accept budget support as there is a clear distinction between shareholders and directors and limited liability. In fact, venture capitalists and private equity funds are less likely to invest in any other framework. This is because LLPs may require them to be business partners, while OPC may have only one shareholder. Also, companies that can afford to pay higher prices can attract more skilled workers to stocks, thus reducing wages.

Borrowing power

private limited company enjoys more credit rights than LLPs as it has more credit options. Not only are bank loans easy to access (in relation to OPCs and LLPs), the option to withdraw loans and flexible loans are always available. Even banks and other financial institutions are more receptive to limited private companies than partner companies.

Great fidelity

A private limited company should make more information about its structure, operations and finances available to the Registrar of Companies. This information eventually becomes public. Therefore, vendors, lenders, employees can all access company-related information, such as authorization, names of directors, registered office, etc. This information makes the business more reliable than companies that do not have to provide this information (e.g., partnerships and proprietorships).

Easy exit

private limited companies may be sold or transferred, in part or in full, to another person or company without interruption to the current business.

Expands internationally

If a business is in a position to develop products globally and aims to increase its global operations, it is important to find investment and work with foreign companies. Another advantage of private limited company in Bangalore here is that they allow FDI up to 100% by default, which means there is no need for any government permit for foreign companies to invest in India. This is contrary to Partnerships, LLPs that need to be approved by the government.

Scope of multiple opportunities

Successful entrepreneurs are always looking for opportunities where they can be done in different industries or sectors. In general, they are eager to seize opportunities and water for testing. private limited companies have the potential to seize opportunities as the business grows over time and land ownership and partnerships cannot continue as they are linked to the promoter.

Better governance

As private limited companies are governed by the Companies Act of 2013 and are required to follow strict procedures, disclose procedures, comply with various legal requirements, are highly organized to create a number of owners.

Thus, a private limited company offers far more benefits than other organizations. It is always best for company registration to be done by legal professionals.